We’re looking forward to running speed networking sessions throughout the day during Leicester Business Expo, where you will have just 60 seconds to sell your business.

The King Power Stadium will be buzzing with the sound of Leicester Business Expo and visitors’ 60 second speed networking pitches. There will be 3 sessions being held throughout the day.

If you haven’t experienced speed networking before it is similar to speed dating and is a fast and reliable way to meet new contacts and form strong business relationships.

Each participant will have 60 seconds to promote their business and to exchange important information with the person opposite, before moving to the next person. This will be a great opportunity as visitors will leave the session with a range of business contacts.

5 Top Tips for Speed Networking

1. Take plenty of business cards: You want to give out cards as well as receive them.

2. Listen to each individual: You only have 60 seconds to make an impact.

3. Take Notes: There’s a lot to take in, so write details on the back of business cards.

4. Follow Up: Don’t be afraid to call your new contacts or refer them on to someone else.

5. Have fun.  Speed networking is fast and furious but the key thing is to enjoy it.

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