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Tuesday 20th April 2021, King Power Stadium (LCFC), 9:30am - 3pm

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Some pre-show planning considerations

As has been mentioned, before you need to have a plan for exhibiting. So here we'll see about what you can do to try and get a little more out of your investment. First thing to remember is that exhibiting is an investment in marketing and all marketing should provide...

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Go for an easy buy to increase your chances of success

A key element of exhibiting at a trade show is to try and keep your offering as simple as possible. What this means is: highlighting only a single product or service that your company offers. Now, I can hear you saying "But we offer a wide range of products," and I...

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Should you invite your clients to the show?

This is a question that many businesses who are exhibiting often ask themselves. And it's not as simple as you might think, you have a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is whether your customers are a good fit for the...

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It’s vital to have a plan

When you're paying to have a stand at an exhibition it's absolutely vital to have a plan of action and a required outcome from your investment. However, many small businesses neglect this and fail to achieve a reasonable return on investment. Exhibition marketing can...

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Why qualifying your contacts is key

In all honesty, the only reason you should ever spend money on exhibition marketing is to meet potential new clients. We've covered a few areas to consider including objectives, but the endgame should never be anything other than building your business. But if you go...

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How to get more out of promotional material

How many times have you gone to an exhibition and picked up a load of leaflets and thrown them in the recycling bin after little more than a quick glance? If you're like us you will see many examples of promotional and exhibition literature that gets thrown in the...

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Exhibition to do list – getting started

Something that we should probably have highlighted a little sooner is the need to make an exhibition to do list for your trade show. This list needs to contain all of the things that need to happen to create your stand and get to the exhibition, and also a list of...

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Networking Niceties

Being a good networker for your business is more than just handing out business cards. There are five important protocols of politeness that will turn you into an expert at networking, and we have named them our Networking Niceties… Be Curious Imagine that everyone...

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3 Exhibition Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Attending the Leicester Business Exhibition in September is great for raising your profile and making more people aware of the great products and services you have. But a successful exhibition is about much more than just ‘being there’ with your pop-up banner and...

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The only two reasons for exhibiting at a trade show

There really are only two possible objectives from exhibiting a small business at a trade show: Gathering contact data to add to the prospect list Selling products at the show So what should you think about if your objective is to gather data and increase the number...

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How to Promote Yourself at an Exhibition

Do you know how to promote yourself at an exhibition? Booking a place at any Business Expo in the town or city where you operate is always a great idea, and there are many ways of using this to market your company long before the exhibition day arrives. Promoting your...

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