Have you ever wondered why businesses take a stand at our Leicester Business Expo every year?

Just what do they get back from it? Is it cost effective? are questions that we often get asked, so here are our five top reasons for you to consider taking a stand at the  Leicester Business Expo.

New Prospects: Exhibition survey report statistics that say that on average, at a B2B exhibition, traffic to your stand will be made up of 12% of people that you already know or are in contact with, and 88% of businesses that you don’t. That means you are meeting local businesses that you can add to your mailing lists, show your new products to and make appointments with. All in one place, all on one day. Let’s say you have 100 visitors, that means 88 new prospects, and if you divide the cost of the stand by 88, it gives you the cost of reaching each new lead at much less than a fiver… cheaper than buying a sandwich!

Easier to Close the Deal: Research also tells us that sales taken at an exhibition are much easier to close than leads from cold calling methods. Furthermore, a whopping 54% of orders placed from new prospects at a trade show, need fewer or sometimes no follow-up meetings, saving you or your sales staff travel time and appointments time. (McGraw-Hill Research Foundation.)

Reaching the right audience: Exhibiting is a really cost effective method of reaching your target market. If you supply products or services in Leicester City, or Leicestershire, it’s a great way of spreading the word about your company, building brand awareness and meeting other businesses that could benefit your supply chain,

Beat your Competition: If your competitors are not there, you have a huge advantage over them by being visible and promoting your products. It may be that some of your visitors are not in the market right now for your products, but next week or next month, they may be. So who will they contact first? Will they trawl the internet looking for a local supplier? Yes, probably, but they are also much more likely to contact you first, since they already have a fleeting relationship with you. The rest is then up to you…

Shop Window: These days, many businesses trade mostly on the internet, or have a premises tucked away in an industrial park, or in a business centre, so is sadly lacking in possibilities for new footfall. A local exhibition gives you a great shop window to really show off, let visitors handle your products, try them out, or take away a freebie that will keep you in their briefcase, pocket or on their desk.

These reasons are well known by many businesses, and the LBE Event this year is already taking bookings from businesses who don’t want to miss out on the best pitches.

So if you have never tried it, or if you have attended as a visitor, why not give it a go this year? But leave yourself plenty of time to plan your stand and invest in some freebies.

We nearly forgot – it is also great fun!

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