Increasing salesA key element of exhibiting at a trade show is to try and keep your offering as simple as possible.

What this means is: highlighting only a single product or service that your company offers.

Now, I can hear you saying “But we offer a wide range of products,” and I can completely understand why you would say that.

However, have a think about this next sentence: In order to catch the eye of and potentially gain the interest of delegates to the trade show you need to be as clear as possible in what you’re offering (this applies to every element of marketing and not just exhibiting).

If you offer a variety of services then an easy option is to go for the most obvious and most widely applicable product or service.

There’s nothing worse than looking at a trade show stand and having to try and work out what on earth the exhibiting company does.

This may sound a little bit obvious but you’d be surprised as to how many smaller businesses get this very wrong. A good example is an accountancy firm with a big pop-up banner highlighting 30 different things they can offer. This kind of approach stands less chance of success than a targeted single service approach. In other words, you need to tell me quickly what it is you’re about because I don’t want to think too hard in deciding whether or not to talk to you.

So, a big question to ask when considering what to offer on the stand is: ” what single product or service can we offer that is easily understood and has the highest potential number of buyers at the show?”.

Or: “Is there something we sell that almost everyone at the trade show can quickly understand and potentially buy?”

The most important thing when answering this question is to come back to your exhibiting objective(s), i.e. what you want to get out of being there.

And (as with everything about your stand) your offering needs to be tailored towards meeting this objective and nothing else.

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