Do you know how to promote yourself at an exhibition? Booking a place at any Business Expo in the town or city where you operate is always a great idea, and there are many ways of using this to market your company long before the exhibition day arrives.

Promoting your presence at an Expo can have lots of great benefits:

  • It shows your current customers that you are a forward planning business, doing well in the area and reinforces their decision to buy from you
  • It reminds your previous customers that your business is growing, and they might just need a repeat order or a new service from you
  • It informs others who are not yet your customers that they have an easy way to ‘have a look at you’ without going to the bother or arranging a specific meeting
  • It will bring lots of visitors to the Exhibition that may not have been before, which will benefit all the other Exhibitors and you benefit in turn, from their visitors who may need your products too

Great Ways to Promote Your Stand at #LBExpo2018

How to Promote Yourself at an ExhibitionWrite a short LinkedIn article about what you will be showing this year, and publish it on LinkedIn as a PULSE article, which goes out to ALL your connections. You may find some of them will ‘like’ it and then share it with their connections, as well as putting the date into their Diaries.

If you already use Facebook for your business, why not run a little competition and ask everyone to share your post with the stand number and event, and reward shares with a mini discount, or a free review.

Twitter is a worldwide platform, so your tweets about the event need to have #Leicester and #LeicesterExpo included in the text. This will make sure that anyone searching for the event on Twitter will then see your tweet, and may well follow or message you.

Use your own website Blog or News page for a short article to say that you will be on stand number XYZ. This then becomes instantly searchable on Google for anyone searching for the event, who will then see your blog.

Marketing Email Why not write a short email to all your business contacts, inviting them to come and see you at the event, with your stand number, and promote your new product, or new service. You can always tempt them with s special ‘Show Price’ for orders placed on the day during the show.

Use your Email Footer: Add a short line to ever email footer in the company that says something like: Visit us on Stand XYZ at the Leicester Business Expo, King Power Stadium on Thurday 27th September, and add a link to your blog page about it… That gives you more hits on your website as well.

You can always send us a quick review of how you did last year and why you are booking for this year, and we will promote you in our social media posts as well That’s a win-win!

Here is a link to all the details if you want to book a stand, or just visit:

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