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8th October 2019

The Leicester Business Expo Seminars will be running throughout the day in the Keith Weller Hall.

All of these seminars have been specifically created for LBE to help develop both you and your business.

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Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Karl Craig-West

How to Write an Online-Marketing Plan that actually WORKS!

With so many marketing options open to you it can be difficult to decide on what to do to get the most out of your time an money.

You see, far too many people spend time and money on badly targeted and poorly structured online marketing activities and then wonder why it just doesn’t get the results they’d expected.

Even worse is that large numbers of people are simply doing the wrong things to the wrong audiences using the wrong channels.

In Karl’s talk you’ll discover the key things that get results online these days.

And the best bit is that most of these things will cost you nearly nothing (if they’re not already free).

You’ll learn how to create your own online-marketing plan that is geared to towards getting results.

This plan is based on nearly a decade’s worth of work in the web design and online marketing industry and has worked for hundreds of small businesses who take it on.

Karl Craig-West is the award-winning owner of Buzz Website Design and works tirelessly to dispel the myths (and hype) around website design, SEO and online marketing.  He has spoken to thousands of business owners through his seminars, workshops and YouTube channel.

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Chris London

Facebook Marketing: Zero to over £100k

I’m a firm believer that every business product or service can be sold through effective Facebook marketing. Whatever size your business is, a Facebook presence is essential. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users you would be mad to not be making the most of this platform.

In my seminar I’ll tell you some of the key strategies I used in my business as it went from zero to over £100k, selling a single product, using Facebook marketing alone.

How often should you post? What time of day is best to post to maximise engagement and reach? I’ll give you some quick wins that you can take away and put into practice today to ensure your business thrives in the social media spotlight.

Organic FB marketing or paid for ads? Which one works for you? How about I give you some tips for both. Including the strategies, tips and tricks I used to scale one of my businesses to over £120k in less than 2 years.

Chris London is a social media coach to small businesses. Having grown multiple businesses through social media marketing over the years Chris took a slight change of plan when he created an online product and sold it solely through Facebook. 2 years later the product has gone from zero to over £120k in sales and continues to grow each month bringing in a 5-figure monthly turnover from Facebook Ads alone. In the past year Chris has turned his attention to helping other businesses including IFA’s, artists, mindset coaches, and driving schools etc to grow their business’s online, through workshops and 121 coaching

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Marc Ford

STOP being an expert – START being a #1 Expert Business

All I ask of you is to give me 30 minutes of your time, and I’ll give you the keys to making thousands of extra pounds in your business.

The bar for being an entrepreneur is set pretty low. Anyone who sells creams, potions and tat out of brown boxes calls themselves an entrepreneur.

If I asked a bunch of small business owners to put up their hands if they thought they were an expert at what they do, they’d all put their hands up. (If you didn’t by the way, perhaps you shouldn’t have any customers!)

Everyone is saying and doing the same things, so they can get on page one of Google. Get the most social media followers. Get the best speaking gigs. Get what everyone else has. So there has to be a different way to put yourself head and shoulders above the competition, right?

But not many are not doing ‘it’.

So…question is…”How do you fancy being shown the top 10 things you need to do, to be in a position where you don’t have to worry what your competition is doing?”

Based on Marc’s 20 year+ of corporate and small business life; as well as his 5 Business books, coaching and media experience, he’ll show you EXACTLY what the most successful business are doing to get their ideal customers and clients. And all of this with a few subtle shifts of how you do things right now, which won’t cost you thousands of pounds in ads, click bait, funnels, opt-ins, opt-outs or time expiring marketing. In fact…most of it will be FREE!

So…what have you got to lose? Give me 30 minutes of your time and I’ll give you the keys to unlocking some genuine small business gold for years to come!

Marc Ford MBA, The Best Kept Business Secret, is a business coach, author and speaker who specialises in helping businesses reposition themselves so that they become the #1 choice of their ideal customers and clients. He is trusted by BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Local Radio, the BBC News Channel and Channel 4 on all things small business. He has worked with many small businesses who have been transformed in a matter of months as well as businesses such as Hitachi and Mercedes Benz. Oh…and he’s like a ball of energy…so it won’t be a death by PowerPoint presentation either!​

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