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The Leicester Business Expo Seminars will be running throughout the day in the Keith Weller Hall.

All of these seminars have been specifically created for LBE to help develop both you and your business.

No need to book, just register as a delegate here, turn up on the day and enjoy.

Paul Chapman - 1:30pm

The 7 things that are stopping you growing your business, what you can do about it and why most people won’t.

Irritatingly growing a business isn’t a secret science – you already know what you need to do to make it happen, but the simple truth is most people don’t achieve what they want to with their business.

  • They don’t have enough customers
  • They Don’t have the right customers
  • They work to hard and don’t have the lifestyle they set out to achieve.

But if everyone actually know what they need to do to grow their business why doesn’t it happen for the majority?

That’s what we are looking at. The experience of working with over 1000 business owners has highlighted 7 things that stop growing their business (no one wants to talk about number 5!) and Paul is going to look at each one in turn and show you how to deal with it – and what happens when you do.

Paul Chapman is a best-selling author, speaker and one of the UK’s leading customer acquisition specialists.
He’s also the owner of Marketing Jumpleads www.marketingjumpleads.com

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Gary Outrageous - 10am

“How to Boost Your Face to Face Selling Skills”

If you’re a business owner or you’re in sales, or you interact with people on a regular basis in your profession or you just want to be more persuasive … then the single most important thing you can do is to learn how to improve your face to face selling skills.

Because without sales, you have no business

In this content rich presentation here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to create rapport with anyone in 30 seconds or less (watch out for the hypnotic handshake technique)
  • How to use the power of a compliment which will help you present your offering in ‘your prospects motivational style’ – this is cutting edge psychology that will leave you smiling and with more business in your pocket and …
  • A classic way to present and sell that leaves the ‘closing’ up to your customer in a simple and elegant way.

Wealth warning: Gary’s style is not for the faint-hearted or the thumb-suckers who like to whinge, whine and moan (you have been warned) – However, it is for forward thinking people who are open to change and want to see their businesses soar way beyond where they are now. He is definitely suitable for those who like to combine serious business with fun. If that’s you, he looks forward to meeting with you to reveal the ‘dark arts of hypnosis’ and how you can apply them ethically in business.

Gary Outrageous. Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker and Provocative Mind-Set Coach inspires and motivates companies & business leaders to grow through proven psychological sales approaches that work.  He has worked with over 27,000 people through his 1:1, group and conference sessions.   GaryOutrageous.com

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Marc Ford - 10:45am

STOP being an expert – START being a #1 Expert Business

All I ask of you is to give me 30 minutes of your time, and I’ll give you the keys to making thousands of extra pounds in your business.

The bar for being an entrepreneur is set pretty low. Anyone who sells creams, potions and tat out of brown boxes calls themselves an entrepreneur.

If I asked a bunch of small business owners to put up their hands if they thought they were an expert at what they do, they’d all put their hands up. (If you didn’t by the way, perhaps you shouldn’t have any customers!)

Everyone is saying and doing the same things, so they can get on page one of Google. Get the most social media followers. Get the best speaking gigs. Get what everyone else has. So there has to be a different way to put yourself head and shoulders above the competition, right?

But not many are not doing ‘it’.

So…question is…”How do you fancy being shown the top 10 things you need to do, to be in a position where you don’t have to worry what your competition is doing?”

Based on Marc’s 20 year+ of corporate and small business life; as well as his 5 Business books, coaching and media experience, he’ll show you EXACTLY what the most successful business are doing to get their ideal customers and clients. And all of this with a few subtle shifts of how you do things right now, which won’t cost you thousands of pounds in ads, click bait, funnels, opt-ins, opt-outs or time expiring marketing. In fact…most of it will be FREE!

So…what have you got to lose? Give me 30 minutes of your time and I’ll give you the keys to unlocking some genuine small business gold for years to come!

Marc Ford MBA, The Best Kept Business Secret, is a business coach, author and speaker who specialises in helping businesses reposition themselves so that they become the #1 choice of their ideal customers and clients. He is trusted by BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Local Radio, the BBC News Channel and Channel 4 on all things small business. He has worked with many small businesses who have been transformed in a matter of months as well as businesses such as Hitachi and Mercedes Benz. Oh…and he’s like a ball of energy…so it won’t be a death by PowerPoint presentation either!​

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Jo Lee - 12:15pm

Building Bravery in Business: Why Being Brave is important for business growth, and how you can become Braver.

As a business owner there’s more than enough information and advice out there about what to do to become more effective and achieve more business growth.

So why is it so hard to actually do?

Often, we simply get in our own way – fear, uncertainty or lack of confidence leads us to procrastinate or decide not to attempt something at all, sticking within our comfort zone and keeping our businesses small.

In this presentation, Jo will explore both the “what” and the “how” of being brave in business, in a way that will help you grow your business:

 Beyond SMART: How to set brave business goals that (almost) guarantee you will achieve more and will ensure you know what success looks like and when you’ll have achieved that

 The difference between bravery and confidence, and how one leads to the other

 Learn how you can become braver and more easily take action outside of your comfort zone when uncertainty or lack of confidence leads to procrastination or is stopping you making the decisions or taking the action you need for growth

 Bust through a specific belief or fear of your own that’s limiting you, during the session, so you leave more ready to be brave than when you came

Jo Lee is the No Stress Success Coach and owner of Life Atlas Coaching Ltd.
As a business success coach, she is that unusual beast – a woman who has actually run a successful £50m business before turning to coaching.  She uses that blend of 20 years of knowledge and experience in marketing and business leadership to help owners of SMEs  to develop and deliver the goals, plans and changes needed to achieve the success they’re looking for.  www.lifeatlascoaching.com

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Jaz Greer - 11:30am

Intentional Social Media…the path to growing your business through Social Selling!

Every business should be using Social Media for its Marketing but what makes the difference between using Social Media and getting leads and Sales from Social Media?

The answer is Social Selling!

In this workshop Jaz will be sharing his thoughts on how to look beyond just Social Media and into Social Selling to grow your Business!

You’ll learn a variety of proven ideas and techniques to move your social media activity from engagement to “involvement” within your target market.

Jaz is ranked number 60 in the World amongst the top 1000 Social Selling Influencers. He has a passion to introduce small and micro sized businesses to the benefits of moving beyond using just Social media into how you can adopt Social Selling principles to turn your online activity into new Business!   www.jazgreer.com

Gary Outrageous speaker at Leicester Business Expo 2018

Samantha Houghton - 2:30pm

Discover how writing a book can improve your business profile and marketing success

Many business owners are using their experience and expertise to create a book.

Some of these books become a bestseller on Amazon and some go on to win an award ( or both! )

But what else can becoming an author do for your business success?

We will explore the six top methods that have been proven to work for many business owners.

Sam will take you on the writing journey from initial idea to paperback and how that paperback can make a big difference to your personal and business profile.

Sam will also be sharing her personal author journey to date and the impact of how sharing stories can transform business for both you and your clients

Sam Houghton: Award winning Author, Book Mentor and Ghost Writer – biggest passion to help people to share their stories to change lives.   www.iwanttowriteyourstory.com

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