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Make sure you create an exhibition to do list. It’ll help you to get most out of trade shows marketing

Something that we should probably have highlighted a little sooner is the need to make an exhibition to do list for your trade show.

This list needs to contain all of the things that need to happen to create your stand and get to the exhibition, and also a list of things to take and things to do while at the exhibition. And then, as we mentioned several times before, what you are going to do after the exhibition.

This list needs to be started as soon as you decide to book an exhibition stand.

There’s a few simple ways of breaking business down. You can create headings, and then put items within those headings. Examples include headings for exhibition stand, on the day materials, pre-exhibition marketing, exhibition objectives, exhibition training (if available), and any other main point, that is important to your success at the exhibition.

The key with this is to try and be as comprehensive as possible. Do your best to avoid missing something out.

So let’s use the example of pre-exhibition marketing:

Under the heading of pre-exhibition marketing, you might include things such as how you’re going to reach your contacts, who you’re going to invite, whether you’re giving to give special preference to clients or target clients.

You might also include the methods you are going to use to communicate these invitations such as e-mail, letter, phone call, social media, or by face-to-face invitation.

You then need a plan and a timetable (often in the form of deadlines) to make this happen.

The next step would be to think about what kind of invitation you to give them, in other words. Why should they come along to see you at the trade show. The easiest way to do this is to explain to them that it will be an excellent marketing opportunity for them and their business too.

As with many things, it’s very easy to overlook the simple stuff. However, your exhibition to do list is one area where some planning will aid your success in this specific marketing endeavour.

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